What a circus!

Following the successful first edition of the kaleidoscope last year, the program’s focus this year is on four projects by German-speaking artists, including two world premieres:

The Viennese company in_tensegrity celebrates the premiere of their aerial acrobatic piece »hochSpannung« as part of the kaleidoscope, which shows the two artists Carmen Raffaella Küster and Gernot Bitschi on an walk between manipulation, dependency as well as intimacy and trust. Ralph Öllinger, who presented his graduation number of the at the Winterfest 2016, shows a part of his solo “The Madman”, which was created in 2017, and shares the stage with Ariane & Roxana, who charm with their foot juggling piece “play nice”. True to the motto “support your local artist”, the youmg membres of MOTA are back on the Winterfeststage. With a core group of nine children and young people, they have developed their first stage play. Audience discussions, a film screening and an exhibition also give the opportunity to look at the subject of circus from different angles.

Wednesday, 6 December

17:30 Opening of the exhibition with reading

19:00 in_tensegrity

Thursday, 7 December

19:00 in_tensegrity

21:00 Circus is Circus (movie)

Friday, 8 December

15:30 MOTA

19:00 Circus Shorts

Saturday,  9 December

15:30 MOTA

19:00 Circus Shorts

Exhibition »Clowns«

The harlequin lives on the tension between opposites that do not dissolve. He changes roles and plays with the threads of the universe, is in love and lost in his mission reminding humanity that the world is not built according to purely mathematical laws. The photographer Franzi Kreis is searching for the archaic clown spirit with her traveling exhibition. For the opening of the currently supplemented exhibition, the artist is reading texts for the first time that were created in the course of the project.

6 Dec. 17:30
Opening with reading in the Circusfoyer
Duration: 6 Dec. – 7 Jan.

Filmscreening »Circus is Circus«

In poetic images, the documentary by the Brazilian organization Sesc shows excerpts from interviews with artists, directors and researchers from various countries, giving personal insights into their work and into the international circus scene.

Original with english subtitles, 60 Min.


Free entry

Director:  Daniela Cucchiarelli | Brazil | 2016 |

Audio: Portuguese, English, Spanish | Subtitles: English

Duration: 60 Minutes