Program Overview

The young, energetic Flip FabriQue from Canada’s talent factory Québec will be at the Winterfest, the 22 artists of the Cie XY from France impress with a “must see” of the contemporary circus, Claudio Stellato from Belgium impresses with his amusing and absurd physical theater concerning a pile of wood and the two mischievous characters of the Swiss Compagnia Baccalà play their lovable way directly into the hearts of the audience.

As a stage for young art and new formats, this year’s Kaleidoscope will be dedicated to four exciting projects: the premiere »hochSpannung« by the Viennese acrobatic duo in_tensegrity, Ralph Öllinger and Ariane & Roxana at the Circus Shorts and MOTA from Salzburg with their first stage play » The Magic Frame «. In a relaxed circus atmosphere, everyone is invited to enjoy the evenings with Salzburg musicians at concerts in the Circusfoyer.