The Winterfest since 2001 in the Volksgarten Salzburg

Fifteen years ago, Georg Daxner took the first step to implement his vision of a revival of the Salzburg Volksgarten as a meeting spot for people.

The idea of bringing a still unknown art form, the »Nouveau Cirque«, to Salzburg for the first time, was born slightly but also accompanied by numerous obstacles in its implementation. Courage, perseverance, numerous contacts, versatile support and the deepening love for the Circus have led to the winter festival now lasting 16 years.

Winterfest 2001 – 2015

2001 – Le Cirque Invisible
2002 – Le Cirque Invisible, The Tiger Lillies und Salzburg Comedian Harmonists
2003 – »Das Lächeln am Fuße der Leiter«
2004 – Cirque Lili und »Le Jardin«
2005 – Le Cirque Désaccordé, »Le Jardin« und »Der kleine Prinz«
2006 – Compagnie Zanzibar und Cirque Ici
2007 – La Famiglia Dimitri
2008 – Cirque XY und Cirque Rasposo
2009 – Compagnie Hors Pistes, Cirque Trottola und SAWAZI (Salzburger Waldorfzirkus)
2010 – »The Tiger Lillies Freakshow«, National Circus School Montreal, Cie Akoreacro, Cirque Aïtal, Escarlata Circus und das Spiegelzelt
2011 – The 7 Fingers, Cirque Rasposo, L’Atelier Lefeuvre & André, Le Boustrophédon
2012Cie Le Cubitus du Manchot, Cirque inextrémiste, Théâtre d’un jour, Cie Circ’ombelico
2013 – The 7 Fingers, David Dimitri, Forman Brothers und das Spiegelzelt
2014 – Cie Akoreacro, Cirque Trottola & Petit Théâtre Baraque, ymedioteatro, Cirque Aïtal und das Spiegelzelt
2015 – Cirque Le Roux, Magmanus, Les Rois Vagabonds, Bêtes de Foire, MOTA und das Spiegelzelt
2016Cirque Alfonse, Gravity & Other Myths, Cie Sacékripa, Young Artists, MOTA und das Circusfoyer