The Winterfest-Anniversary book

Winterfest – The Story of a Man and His Passion for Contemporary Circus

The french writer and historian Pascal Jacob is an expert in the field of circus, has published numerous books about circus and circus history and is in possession of the second largest collection of artefacts relating to circus.

With a book about the Winterfest he made the festival a very special gift for its 15th anniversary: As a résumé about 15 years of circus art in Salzburg Pascal Jacob characterizes the history of contemporary circus, the uniqueness of the Winterfest in the circus scene and the special bond between Georg Daxner and his festival.

With texts from Evelyn Daxner-Ehgartner und Karl-Markus Gauß

Published in November 2015 at the Residenzverlag.
ISBN 978-3-7017-3383-5

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About the book

The Winterfest is one of the most famous festivals in the world. For 15 years, the best troupes have made their way to Autria to settle at the foot of the mountains and contribute to warming the hearts of thousands of spectators. This book is the reflection of these extraordinary evenings, where the bond between the audience and the artists is exceptional, and where, in the shelter of a simple circus tent, exchanges and unique and moving encounters take place. It is a tribute to Georg Daxner, the founder of the festival, a man of the circus, a global citizen and a persistent dreamer, who gave a crazy and fantastic project its shape: to make Salzburg a metropolis for circus!

About the author

Pascal Jacob was born in 1962 and is a French author and historian. He is the artistic director of the Cirque Phénix and the festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. He is also working as a creative consultant for Dragone and lectures on circus arts and circus history in circus schools and universities in Bruxelles, Paris and Montréal. He has published numerous books about circus arts and circus history. His latest publications include «Trente ans : Festival mondial du cirque de demain » (2009), « Les Métiers du cirque, histoire et patrimoine » (2013) und « Paris en pistes : Histoire du cirque parisien » (2013).

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